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I’m getting punked by a fish

Fluffy has taken to playing dead. I look at the tank and he’s floating upside down. With Bob Saget swimming in place looking sad. I get a foot away and he springs to life, merrily swimming away.  My fish are winning the mind war with me. Or to put it better: my life is a […]

sitting in the dark

on Christmas eve, with just the Chrstmas lights on. Listening to Christmas music for an hour. This tradition started years ago and is one tradition I look forward to.  When the boys were little Santa wore a size 4 shoe and was my alter ego. One night a year, while they were sleeping, I’d switch […]

A world without order makes Tia something something

Someone flip flopped my shampoo and conditioner. This would not matter to almost everyone but to me it matters greatly. The more stress I feel the more routine oriented I get. So for me this mix up threw me off my Monday game. I am a professional daughter. I demand routine or something doesn’t get […]

He hasn’t used all 9 yet.

alternate title ‘Kidneys don’t fail me now’. My To-Be is not doing so good. He is in kidney failure. I just got the call from the vet. To-be’s red blood count is low. He is in kidney failure. I may keep inserting that last sentence, I don’t want to believe it. There are options but […]