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movers and shakers

my neighbor’s in for a surprise today. Not sure if it’s him or her that’ll get this unexpected news, or even if it’s unexpected but it’s a done deal. Today from my vantage point in the garage where I was workng, I watched a moving van back up and into the driveway of the house […]

every day things

every day an old man rides his bicycle past my house. I don’t know who he is but I do have an idea which house he lives in. Every day a little before six pm he rides by. Usually with his ball cap and red jacket on. He rides an old Schwinn and it has […]

Purge, a short story pt 1

please remember, this is a story. This is not my life. It may have similarities but it is still not me Purge She moves slowly from room to room, wondering how a house so full of objects could feel so empty. No one would have heard her as she wandered, just like no one heard […]

invisible ink

remember the stuff? you’d look on the back of a comic book and¬†alongside the ads for x-ray glasses and¬†exploding gum you’d see “invisible ink” and you’d ask your parents for money to buy it and of course they’d tell you to use your allowance if you wanted it that bad… but you wouldn’t. Instead you’d […]