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I’m getting punked by a fish

Fluffy has taken to playing dead. I look at the tank and he’s floating upside down. With Bob Saget swimming in place looking sad. I get a foot away and he springs to life, merrily swimming away.  My fish are winning the mind war with me. Or to put it better: my life is a circus and I’m in the clown suit climbing into the cannon holding only an umbrella.


I wanted to wish a ‘Merry Christmas’ to the two or three who regularly read my nutty words. I hope your holidays are the best holidays they can be. I’ll be with my Mom this year. I have to. It means I’ll be missing the rest of my crew all day but on the 26th we’re all getting together here for chicken pizza and a billiards tourney. I will try my hardest to make this holiday the best it can be. If I’m going to have memories, I want them to be good. I hope each of your’s are good too. Memories are important and they are onre thing we have the power to change as we live them. Be safe, be happy, make good memories!

Merry Christmas.



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