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it’s rabbit season

it’s okay to throw in the towel when you’ve fought a long battle and you can safely say you stand no chance in hell of winning. I quit. The deer win. We’re pulling all the bushes around the house. For the past 7 years I’ve tried everything short of a cranky bear on a chain […]

alert the masses

  Someone in my house is going to get it today. I’m pretty sure I know who too. I always go into a mood on bathroom cleaning day but this one’s extra special. I’m pretty sure any men reading this will tune out soon, I’m also pretty sure the women might feel my pain. Someone […]

word doodling (from 5/07)

the parades are set to start going by my house again. word doodling while on the phone Every May, two parades go by my house. One early, one midway through the month. No marching bands or clowns (because clowns are skeery). First golf carts heading from storage to the country club and second a procession of […]

who’s on first? (from 6/8/07)

this was written 6/8/07… so many things have changed. No more Dave in my life, Blocky survived his hurt heart and had a girlfriend for a bit, and is eagerly looking forward to his next girlfriend 🙂 I remember some of my firsts. First kiss, first boyfriend, first dance, first date, first heartbreak.  All the same […]

movin’ on over

(from last December) Last night was our local HS’s first home wrestling meet. I went even though I don’t have anyone the team. My friend’s son is a Senior and I remember a couple of away tourneys where they stayed until the finals to cheer Trev on even though their son was out early. They could’ve […]

tears of remembrance

they’re different than tears of pain or tears of regret. Last night I cried tears of remembrance. We’re doing a closet shuffle so that the Boy can have his clothes in his own room. In order to achieve this daring feat of closetry, we’ve had to remove 23 years of his brother’s crap. Katie didn’t […]

sometimes I sit down

and my words just flow onto the screen. I talk a little about this, a little about that, but mostly about my world and my thoughts. What I’ll put here are those words and my need to get them out. You won’t find any pattern or any one topic but you will find a little bit from […]