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Someone in my house is going to get it today. I’m pretty sure I know who too. I always go into a mood on bathroom cleaning day but this one’s extra special. I’m pretty sure any men reading this will tune out soon, I’m also pretty sure the women might feel my pain.

Someone (male) missed, more than once. Someone (male) left razor frumpies in the sink and on the vanity top. Someone (male, see the pattern?) left a shampoo bottle open and it’s now diluted 9/1 and useless, and worst of all… Someone keeps wiping toothpaste on my towel. Unlike my oldest son, who thinks the towel fairy keeps us in clean fluffy towels magically, I reuse a towel. My thinking being that when I use it I’m already clean so I can use it again. So I neatly fold it and place it on the towel bar. That’s what it’s for right?

But someone(male) keeps wiping toothpaste on my towel. I switched it to a different towel rod….same thing. 

I live surrounded by menfolk. I don’t mind most of the time, I actually like it.  No offense women but too much drama annoys the snot out of me. Today the males have set me off.  Someone(male)

I’ve learned to let little things go and accept that they don’t mind my need for flowers and plants and decorative things, they just don’t want to talk about it. They’ve learned that dirty clothes placement is important. We coexist very well. I was very worried about Burg staying here. Now I know I’ll miss him in August when he goes. He’s learned to help out and I’ve learned to not nag. It makes for a much better home.

Every once in a while I just get a little fed up. Usually on bathroom cleaning day. Not my favorite chore but not something I want to let slide.  If I wait until the counter top needs a shave, I’m going to gag a bit too much. Which really only amuses the dog.  The animal who’s afraid of the broom and the vacuum thinks the mop is fascinating. She’s an odd dog but she’s our’s and we love her, quirks and all.

The last straw for me was finding an empty toilet paper spool sticking out of the only girly thing I have in there. A small antique pitcher with flowers in it. For all you men who think that a small pitcher with flowers in it is too sissified for any bathroom… you may bite my shiny metal ass.  I tolerate a lot but this is just wrong

Still I am laughing. It’s going to be a good Saturday but someone’s gonna have to take one for the team and I’m pretty sure I know which one.   

(normally I call them the “penises” but I didn’t want to offend)

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