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living in fairyland

One hyperactive little dog, two occasionally active cats, one four year old grandchild, one small baggie of very fine glitter. Add in the heat being on and my world is a fairy castle. Everything has glitter. It multiplies quickly and the critters have carried it all over the house. By the end of the day […]

sending up an SOS … kind of

Yesterday I bit the bullet and asked my brother (or sister depending on whether he’s in control of his set of marbles or not) to help me. Long story still too long: when we fed-ex-ed Mom from Florida to NY she was still covered under Dad’s retirement health care. After she’d been here a few […]

of boobs and bras…w/ an assist to my friend Sus!

She sparked this memory. How I managed to block it out is beyond me. My Mom’s boob went missing a while back. Luckily she has old-timers so she forgot for the summer. Sadly, the staff did not and now Mom’s up to her neck in boob drama. My Mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Nothing […]

if you don’t eat your vegetables you can’t have dessert

and when it’s broken glass… who wouldn’t eat their green beans. I get to play mom to my mom now-a-days. I go up three days a week and try to get the right before lunch.That way the staff gets one less person to deal with. My mother is one of the better ones but she […]

a change of direction isn’t always refreshing

I’ve decided to change direction on my blog for a while. I realized I never write because I’m usually too tired and put it off then forget. So I’m going to change it up and write a mostly daily reflection of my reality. It might be good to write it out and maybe let some […]