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my graduation graduation

tomorrow’s my last graduation party. I started them at the begining of the month and it’s gone downhill from there. Every cousin I see only around Christmas and every friend-ish person I’ve had the past ten years sends out an invite when their child graduates. People who can’t pick up the phone to say hi […]

school’s out for summer….

Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin all that noise ‘Cause they found new toys Well we can’t salute ya Can’t find a flag If that don’t suit ya That’s a dragSchool’s out for summer School’s out forever School’s been blown to pieces No more pencils No more books No more […]

too realistic

A good friend of mine just told me I’m too realistic. I’m not exactly sure what she meant. I considered calling her back and asking but I’m afraid I won’t like what she says. We were discussing her marriage and it’s weakening state and I know I’m not the right person to give relationship advice […]

Mom vs Son MLB version, a Father’s Day tribute

My Tink’s Revenge is playing my son’s estos nueces this week in our fantasy league. It’s going to be a long week. Especially since I’m in 3rd place and he’s in 4th.  I checked my e-mail while he was fiddling with his line up this morning and got accused of tampering. Like I need to cheat to beat him. We […]

you’re a grand old flag, you’re a high flying flag..

No one really celebrates Flag Day any more. I don’t think the world should stop moving, or we should add on yet another reason to have a mattress or used car sale, but I think we take the flag for granted now-a-days. We don’t associate our flag with the honor of it’s history and the […]

help needed.

how do I put my slide show on my blog so it’s set to the site not to a blog entry? (like this one)  

how much is that doggy…

why get a frickin pet if you aren’t going to bond with it? I’m on a tear today over irresponsible and downright stupid pet owners. Let the ranting begin! I have two glaring examples but I’m going to skip names so I can pretend I’m not talking about people behind their backs. If one of […]