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whisper words of wisdom

I’m running low on things to say in situations where I’m pretty much forced to say something but have nothing to work with. Everyone reading this will know exactly what I mean although many won’t admit to it. My situation involves baseball. Not major league or little league, but baseball for fourteen year olds. Unfortunately, […]

won’t you still be my neighbor? or if my life were like the Gilmore Girls

  I think my neighbor has died. I’m not exactly sure and not sure how to ask. I don’t think it’s proper to knock on the door and say “excuse me, I’m Tia from next door and I was wondering if your husband passed away on Sunday”. Something tells me she won’t give me a […]

New book day

There’s no better day than new book day. Unless new book day falls on clean sheet day and then it’s practically magical. Lucky me, both fall on my today. I love a brand new book. Unopened by anyone else. Crisp pages, unbent corners, spine still rigid and uncreased. New books have a feel to them. […]

let’s go to the video tape

I spent a portion of yesterday going through video tapes. Most were events in my children’s lives. I sat facinated by who they were then and who they are now. Who they are now was a room and a corner away laughing and playing some video game together. It was a little strange to hear […]

what’s your mental Kryptonite?

everyone has some. Those things that hit you hard, rendering you emotionally helpless and curled up in a little ball on the floor of your mind. I know mine, it’s being ignored. Being treated like I just don’t matter and I’ve gotten a good dose of it lately. Sometimes it seems to come from every […]