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sometimes I sit down

and my words just flow onto the screen. I talk a little about this, a little about that, but mostly about my world and my thoughts. What I’ll put here are those words and my need to get them out. You won’t find any pattern or any one topic but you will find a little bit from inside of me. The musings of a 44 year old woman whose life may be dull to others but isn’t to me.  I am, simply put, just another person in this world who thinks she knows more than she does and who tries to be the person God made me to be. I don’t always live up to my own set standards but I always see the humor in life, even when it doesn’t feel to funny.

 I’m going to be bringing over some old blogs from a site I’ve become disillusioned with. I realize they’re going to be out of sequence but they’re my words and I don’t want to lose them. They will help anyone, who stumbles into my blog, understand who I am and what’s important to me.


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