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being sad about what I want to happen

It’s (almost) August, which means it’s time for football. August is when all the local teams, from college to middleschool, take to the my road.  When my sons would run by I’d smile and wave and the team would wave back. It’s part of conditioning and our house is on the best route. It’s not just […]

stepping into the way back machine

I did a little weeding over the weekend and I’m paying for it now. Nothing I can’t handle but the twinges remind me of my age. This is where my generation pays for the lack of love from our parents. We pad our kids from head to toe but our folks didn’t so we’ve all got […]

on death and dying

every time I hear the word “death” I automatically think of that book. Every Catholic school kid in this area had to read it. I’m not Catholic but I once coached a boys softball team for a Catholic school. My then brother-in-law couldn’t play on a team if they didn’t find a coach. Me, a two year old […]

spare change

not the kind of change you’re thinking about although I have added quite a bit of that kind to my granddaughter’s piggy bank. The first thing I did when I found out I was a gramma-to-be  (and once the buzzing in my head stopped and I’d talked it over with a good egg) was buy […]