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heads or tails

heads = McCain   tails = Obama I hope it doesn’t come down to that but it just might. I’ve been following the political stuff even though it angers me up quite a bit. I suggest we put into the Oath of Office “I hereby swear to use to follow the ‘less words and more action’ policy.” […]

free to a good home

y’know…. pretty soon I’m putting up a ‘free to a good home’ sign and giving my two away. Can I give away a twenty four year old?  We have a few family jokes. Most every family has them. Things none of us will ever live down and the kinfolk enjoy bringing up?  Mine happened last night.  […]

when’s the Bad Mother Day?

and does Hallmark sell cards for it?   I hate Mother’s Day. I wasn’t raised by a sit-com Mom.  My Mom didn’t make me cookies and teach me how to shave my legs.  We didn’t have Mother/Daughter shopping trips or days at the hairdressers.  A really good Mother’s Day was one where she wasn’t there.  […]

Garth Brooks could write a song about it

Sometimes I like to get up a little early on a Sunday. It’s the best morning to be out on the deck. This morning I dodged the rain and took my coffee out. My batteries needed a recharge. A cool morning, a cup of hot coffee, and a little quiet time jump starts my perspective. […]