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a penny for my thoughts

  in for a penny, in for a pound…. putting in my two cents… spend a penny, spend a pound…the penny drops     I miss pennies. Not that they’ve gone missing but because they don’t matter any more. Pretty soon pennies will be gone completely. Nothing costs a penny anymore and people just throw them […]


    that’s a fun word. sometimes I think my life’s a snow globe. Every time the haze clears and I can see clearly…someone (usually me) comes along and gives it a good shaking. As I pack to move and at the same time face an uncertainty and probable heart reshaking soon to come, discombobulated […]

blocks and brick walls

   I’ve been in a writing slump. My words dried up and I had no way to find them. It’s a terrible feeling to have no words, to not know how to start them again. Thanks to some new friends at blog-catalog I think I’m ready to try again. I have been afraid to sit […]