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sitting in the dark

on Christmas eve, with just the Chrstmas lights on. Listening to Christmas music for an hour. This tradition started years ago and is one tradition I look forward to. 

When the boys were little Santa wore a size 4 shoe and was my alter ego. One night a year, while they were sleeping, I’d switch into Santa and put a little ‘what if’ into their lives. We all need a little ‘what-if’ in our lives. Children most of all. Because my super power was discernment, I’d sit in the living room and wait for them to fall asleep. An hour or two just listening to Christmas music and watching the lights on the tree. The big one usually fell asleep pretending to fall asleep and the younger one figured the faster he went to sleep the sooner it would be time to open gifts. 

But that quiet time became my tradition. Even when they were too big for Santa and too wise for  lump of coal threats. Earlier my friend asked me what I was looking forward to this Christmas. I’m looking forward to sitting down on Christmas Eve and just enjoying the lights, the memories, the music, Whether you’re a God fearing sort or a professional nonbeliever, or a toe  dabbler in the diety pond, there is something beautiful about just taking an hour to just breathe and be blessed.

And even though I won’t be out-waiting excited children, I am really looking forward to that hour of utter relaxation. I wish everyone out there, reading my thoughts, will  be able to do the same. Keep in mind the words I’ve made my family credo….’it could be worse so we’re lucky.’

I hope the things you wish for come true and the things you look forward to, happen. If I get too busy ‘Merry Christmas’ 

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