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A world without order makes Tia something something

Someone flip flopped my shampoo and conditioner. This would not matter to almost everyone but to me it matters greatly. The more stress I feel the more routine oriented I get. So for me this mix up threw me off my Monday game. I am a professional daughter. I demand routine or something doesn’t get done. 

I showered, trying to be done by the time creepy mailman starts his deliveries. We’re expecting a lot of packages this week and creepy mailman always makes sure to deliver them before I leave. It’s his creepy superpower. My son also has his sent here. It’s a safer neighborhood. I’ll see him tomorrow anyway. 

We have the nursing home residents Christmas Gala tomorrow night. I have informed all of the kinfolk to expect to be in pictures. For reasons I try to not focus on, I have a very strong need to take family photos. My sons, my Mother, my granddaughter, my brother, myself. I’ll even do a few with the other halves too. I sense this is my last real time to do family photos and what’s going on now is all a blur to me and I really need the memories to think about when I can think again. 

Which leads me round and about to my anger at the shampoo/conditioner swap-out. I washed my hair, not a lot of suds but that’s okay. lather rinse repeat. done. Then conditioner. Nothing but bubbles. I need a haircut so I’m sporting bangs Justin Bieber would be proud of. If I over shampoo I look like Captain Caveman. If you’re too young to get my reference do yourself a favor and find some Captain Caveman episodes to enjoy. Google Grape Ape too. And Darkwing Duck, my personal favorite.

So it’s very understandable why I reacted badly to my switch-a-roo. Then I took a minute while writing this and realized it wasn’t such a bad thing. Kinda funny if I look at it right. Mistakes happen. Not gonna let it ruin my day. Sure my rhythm got messed up and it threw me off my mindset and all because someone moved my shampoo and conditioner bottles and I got soap in my eyes. Mistakes do happen, what is, is. 

(and now I’m pretty sure someone = me)


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