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I’m not Lion

but I am a Lion’s fan. For my entire life I’ve loved those Deeeetroit Lions. In their good years (few), their great years (far between) and their bad years (all the rest). But I wasn’t born a Lions fan. I wasn’t raised in a house decorated in that pretty shade of blue. I am a […]

losing my words

How scary is that? to someone like me, very scary. But I am losing my words. My Mom is losing her’s too but in a different way. Her way is worse than mine, Her’s is coming from within her. Mine from outside of me. Her’s is opening her mouth and not knowing what she wants […]

my life is a chick flick

or a really cheesy country music song. For the first time in a long time I have nothing to write about because I have no crisis or upset. Life is just life. Give or take a few wrinkles of course. I’m loved, I love. My sons are both well and thriving. No major family issues […]