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I was stabbed

in the foot last night, by a lego sword. Strange because my kids are grown and my granddaughter hasn’t been over since the last day off from school. But there I sat in the middle of the spare room balancing on one foot and pulling a lego sword out of the bottom of  my other […]

I’m getting punked by a fish

Fluffy has taken to playing dead. I look at the tank and he’s floating upside down. With Bob Saget swimming in place looking sad. I get a foot away and he springs to life, merrily swimming away.  My fish are winning the mind war with me. Or to put it better: my life is a […]

sending up an SOS … kind of

Yesterday I bit the bullet and asked my brother (or sister depending on whether he’s in control of his set of marbles or not) to help me. Long story still too long: when we fed-ex-ed Mom from Florida to NY she was still covered under Dad’s retirement health care. After she’d been here a few […]