That Shirley is one hell of a strong old gal

My Mom is dying right now. Unless she pulls a miracle hat trick and some how gets past this, my Mom is dying. She picked up a virus and developed a pneumonia and it’s all on her to beat this. She may not, probably isn’t, strong enough to beat it. And I think she’s not really fighting hard. She’s tired, sick, old, sick.  Too many deaths lately. They say it goes in threes and two are already on the board. 

2 comments on “That Shirley is one hell of a strong old gal

  1. believe it or not, my Mother made it past that. nothing will take down Super Shirley. We live the same day over and over Monday – Friday and then My brother taps in for the weekend days. I miss talking to you my friend, be safe!

  2. I Don’t Want Any Other
    © Ashley N. Hoppes (edited by Mr Toad)

    Our life has not been easy,
    We’ve managed to drift apart

    But whatever it’s worth
    Know you’re always in my heart

    Not a day goes by
    When I don’t wish we’d talk

    To say hello or goodbye
    Or maybe go for a walk

    It’s a difficult maze
    Everytime my heart’s tore

    There are times I need you
    To be there for me

    That nurturing statue
    If only you could be

    It’s not you I blame
    For the way we are

    But all the hurtful shame
    Left an invisible scar

    Sometimes I feel trapped
    I don’t know what to do

    Does God have our life mapped
    Help me sail across the blue!

    I still love You
    And still want you to be my mother

    Regardless of what we’ve been through
    I don’t want any other.

    X X X

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