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oh wear oh wear

ever wanted to get revenge for all those horrific outfits they posed you in? my parents kept a wall of shame. Every school picture of my brother and I was there in all it’s glory. Bad hair cuts, polyester, leisure suit (him) and pink ruffles (me) all of it. I have them now, I plan to blackmail my brother as soon as he gets something I want. My Mother is requesting I pick her clothes. Apparently she doesn’t like her aides having that much power. When Mom’s circuits were connected we had a system. I wrote the days of the week on clothes pins and she’d pick out her outfits a few days at a time. When she stopped playing along we stopped the clothes pin thing completely. But this morning she called and told me the aides are dressing her in the wrong outfits. She complains a lot. I think it’s just lack of control and frustration. My brother is better at that part. I’m better at everything else. 


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