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a sad state of affairs

My Father gets  more mail than I do and his is more fun. He’s still being wooed by the psychic community and he keeps getting gifts in the mail. Today’s is cool, a pen that has a flashlight in it. Apparently the company thinks my Father should buy them and hand them our to his clients and potentially increase business. I’m hoping one of the psychics tells me what line of business dear old Dad is in now-a-days.

Dad was apparently a much deeper person than I thought. He not only donated to schools he never went to, he also seems to have been an avid collector. He must have had appx. 200 pencils. Ad gimmicks, hopeful electees, D.A.R.E, if they handed out a pencil Dad has it. I’ve been donating boxes of them to anyone who will take them. My granddaughter is set for life. ‘Course they won’t be needed by the time she’s in college.

Dad fed the hungry one letter at a time.He joined clubs for Railroad fans, for retired voters, for just about anyone who sent him a cheap USA blanket and a box of SHAMWOWs. I’m keeping the SHAMWOWs, they amuse me.

And last but never least, the worst of them. A letter from a guru stating that he selected Dad personally because “I know you are experiencing some real difficulties in your life.”

He even included a DVD that I won’t listen to. There’s a page that is supposed to fool us into thinking it is an actual newspaper story. It tells all about his magical powers and has testimony to prove it’s true.

This man ‘Patrick Guerin’ now referred to as Slicky McShyster or SMS, this person sent my Dad a letter full of vague promises and hopes that are empty. This man sensed my Dad’s recent difficulties in his life. My DEAD Dad.

And legally there is not a thing we can do when our elderly parents are taken by these scumbags. It is a very sad state of affairs.


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