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living in fairyland

One hyperactive little dog, two occasionally active cats, one four year old grandchild, one small baggie of very fine glitter. Add in the heat being on and my world is a fairy castle. Everything has glitter. It multiplies quickly and the critters have carried it all over the house. By the end of the day they’ll be pooping glitter. Glitter is the ultimate revenge tool. Or a practical joke with long term implications.Sprinkle a little in someone’s purse, coat pocket, boots or shoes or put some into their heater vents if you can. It will invade their homes  and cars. It will multiply daily and never really go away. They will be forever glitter adorned. But if the glitteree lives with the glitterer then they might want to rethink it.

I think my days with my granddaughter are glitter days. They sparkle and shine. They make the rough days with my mom balance out.Since lately Mom’s been channeling her inner racist, my Dri time matters more than anything. Mom is not a racist. She was raised in a racist household by her Aunt and Uncle. These people made Archie Bunker look like a saint. Mom isn’t like them. I admire her, she was raised in a very hate filled home but I never once heard her repeat the past. I am not hearing it either. She has taken to referring to people with labels. ‘The Blacks’ ‘The Mexicans’ ‘The Asians’ the thing is, she whispers it when she says it. So you get three quarters of a sentence regular volume and one quarter whispered while looking furtively.around. Wouldn’t want ‘them’ to hear her after all. Sometimes she forgets and says it to them. I asked her aide if it bothered her and she told me no. She said it’s their generation, they had it stamped into their heads and they revert back as they age. I think she’s right. I think for some like my Mom it’s easier to be mad at the person helping you do things than it is to be mad that you need someone to do private personal care for you.

I really love my glitter days.They keep me from going bell tower. They help me see thew humor in the rest of the weekdays. Today it is glitter and glue, next week it will be something else. We have our routine. We make a craft and watch a movie. We made hand-print turkeys and paper bag puppets. We watch a movie and she asked me questions about everything and anything. And my world shimmers and shines and seems a little brighter because she was a part of it. She adds the glitter and I’m pretty sure I’ll be enjoying it forever.

It’s a almost Thanksgiving. Please be safe, be happy, and if you’re dreading the family bonding… remember to see the humor in it. The people who annoy us now are pretty important, we’d miss them if they were gone. Count your blessings and count your beers if you drive. Every life matters, be safe, be smart.

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