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time flies and with it anger goes

What a difference a few short months make. A year ago, a Mother’s Day ago, I had two parents. We were distant in both miles and minds. This year I am my Mother’s keeper and with the passing of time went the passing of anger. The reality of the past did not change but the reality of the present and future has. I’m not sure how it happened, it happened too fast. One day I was home, planning the end to the summer, a phone call later I was packing and flying to Florida. I never wanted to be my parent’s hero, I never wanted to protect them from themselves but I ended up sitting with my Father and watching his life fade from him while my Mother laid in a hospital room one wing over fighting for her own life. And now I am her keeper. I visit her in her new digs, a nursing home near me and I hold her hand when she cries, I fix her problems and promise her I will not leave her alone there. My anger is gone, I had to let it go. The woman she is now is not the Mother I once had. She is a child now, confused, almost blind and very very scared. It is my place to take care of her and with that anger I could not do it. Once I let it go compassion grew in it’s place.

Happy Mother’s Day to me, my children are all grown now but my Mother is not. What a difference a few months make as time flies by and anger follows it out the door. 


One comment on “time flies and with it anger goes

  1. Made me think about the what’s important and what is not important. Best wishes. Good to hear from you again BTW – we corresponded briefly some time ago.

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