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Just plane emotions

I’ve always loved airports because we used to go to the Rochester Airport and watch the planes land when my cousins flew in from NYC. While my brother amused himself by spinning around on the stools at the diner, I’d sit by the big windows and watch the planes come in and then I’d run over to the gate and see the families. I’d see them eagerly waiting for the plane to spit out it’s passengers. Children hopping and jumping, parents trying to calm them down only to have them run off again in a flow of excitement, too excited to heed the wrath of Mom and Dad. A voice would call out “here they come, here they come” and the crowd would move as one to the doorway. One by one the passengers would come through and be swallowed up by friends and family. To a child like me this was magical.Families that hugged, people who rushed into each other’s arms. Anticipation and joy.
Slowly they’d pull away from the crowd and walk, arms around each other, to get their luggage and then out into the sunshine to go home. And I’d wander to the other side and watch the ones saying goodbye. The tears, the sadness. The couples barely able to pull apart, the families clinging together for one last hug. Promises to call when they get home, cries of “I love you”. Tears all around. Then the slow walk down the hall, stopping to wave, then too far to see anymore as arms slowly drop to the side and people head back out the doors. Soon it was our turn and we’d hop up and down and run in circles waiting for my cousins to come through the big glass doors.
A few years have passed since I was a child but I still love the airport. They should have a reality show that’s just cameras in the airport. I’d sit and cry the entire episode, every episode. Now we have metal detectors, mental detectors, gates, screening, and the ever popular probings but I still love the airport. I love watching the people appear and I feel bad for the ones no one’s greeting or meeting. I’ve even stood in the airport and cried before my own flight then walked sniffing and sobbing down the tunnel and onto the plane. I automaticaly tear up when I see a flight land. I think it’s because I’m a sap but also because we take the people around us for granted too often, coming and going out the front door in the morning and back in again in the evening. We rush through meals in front of the tv and we speed through each week without thought. But when someone’s leaving, on a jet plane, we stop to say goodbye. We hug them, we tell them they’ll be missed and if we’re blessed, we share an “I love you” or two. When they arrive back in our lives we greet them with open arms and we’re thrilled to see them. We slow down enough to see them. It’s nice that the fastest mode of travel slows us down in an airport and I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow the enjoyment I get from watching the planes take off and land.

One comment on “Just plane emotions

  1. I don’t really understand . I mean i’m doing a paper on what all kinds of peoples emotions on a pane where could i find something like that? Good job on your paper too!!

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