postcards from a friend

or a relative. When’s the last time you got one? I know when mine was because I got it recently (thanks Claire) and I have it sitting next to my computer as I type. I am postcard worthy, what a wonderful thing.

I remember postcards. Whenever my family took our disfunction on the road each summer every tourist trap, State Visitors Center, Howard Johnsons, and roadside motel had them sitting on the front desk, free for the taking. And yes, I took them. I wrote on them, I mailed most of them, and I even sent some to myself. I’d address them and write something on them that I wanted to remember but knew I’d forget and then I’d mail them in the nearest mailbox. Mailboxes were on every corner then. Not dinosaurs like mailboxes and phone booths are today. When is the last time you saw a working phone booth? makes you think doesn’t it?

When we got home from where ever we’d gone, I’d run over to get the mail from whichever neighbor collected it for us and there’d be a whole stack of postcards to me, from me and even one or two from my friends off on family trips of their own. I remember putting them in my room, in my lefthand top desk drawer. I found a couple last Fall, in a box of old postcards my Mother had collected. I don’t know how they got in there but she must’ve found them after I’d moved out. My handwriting was horrific and I doubt she knew what they meant but I know. Things like “Scotty” or “nine puppies” and even a “fireflies and the lake” Little blips of memories I didn’t want to lose. I probably took pictures but film needed developing back in the day and my parents made me use my allowance to develop it so I didn’t take too many photos. I wish I had but wishes like that are just wishes and I have my tiny stack of postcards to spark a memory or two.
I saved a few of them to remind me and I’m putting Claire’s postcard on top of the pile because I don’t get many postcards any more and I wish I did. There’s something sweet about knowing a friend took the time to jot down a little note and stick on a stamp. That they shared a tiny bit of their day and time with me. I know e-mails fly faster than I can type, I know skype eliminates the need to write with a real pen, and yes, I even have a cell phone that texts and calls anyone and everyone who needs to hear from me. But it isn’t the same and I miss postcards. I like knowing someone took the time to write something to me and they bothered to get up, go out, and mail it. I rated a stamp. How cool is that?
I’m traveling soon, to visit my folks and settle their affairs but before I go I’m buying stamps and typing up a list and along the way I’m sending postcards to family and friends. They won’t be long winded and they won’t say much of anything but the message they’ll send is that I think enough of that person to send them a postcard. To be postcard worthy is a special thing. I know because I was deemed postcard worthy too 🙂


3 comments on “postcards from a friend

  1. Last time I sent a postcard was 3 years ago – I used to love getting them. I always thought it was a way to entertain mailmen.

  2. I only get postcards from my nieces when my brother and his wife go on holiday can’t remember the last time anyone else sent me one. The working phone booth question intrigues me I live in a relatively small town and I think the only working pay phones are the ones in the superstores and the Hospital, weird huh how they go from being so needed to becoming a place for a drunk to take a leak? Great writing I really enjoyed this blog post and will be back for the next one.

  3. I so agree with you, I used and still do collect them. I have them all since 1975… I just love to “travel” with them, and like you I think it’s great to be deemed postcard worthy.

    If you want I’ll send you one, just give me an add. and I’ll contribute to your collection.

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