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liar liar pants on fire

How do you handle a friend who lies right to your face? You know they’re lying, they know you know they’re lying and yet the lie grows. It’s not a necessary lie. It’s a save you hurt feelings lie but the lie itself hurts worse than the original truth might’ve.
We all say we hate liars and we hate being lied to but there are those times when you know about the lie and yet you just let yourself be lied to. At first you’re amused, then disbelief sets in, then anger starts to brew. So you (or me) justify it “they are trying to spare my feelings” and after that you rationalize it “If I confront it it will hurt their feelings” but then a couple days go by and you start to wonder how much a friendship’s worth if you have to be lied to.
Liar liar pants on fire, a single lie sends a spark that can torch a friendship but there’s no way to put it out. At least none I can think of.

One comment on “liar liar pants on fire

  1. If it rankles you enough, if it threatens the friendship, it’s probably better to mention it. Be open and discuss it so there’s some chance of saving the friendship.

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