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relationship wars

have you ever had a relationship war? not you and your partner for life slugging it out with verbal zings and kapows, a conversation with a friend that turns into a “my relationship’s better than your’s” fight?

You’re just chit chatting along and you mention something, like your weekend plans for example, and they one up you. You know you aren’t competing but suddenly they are. You say your partner did this for you, of course their’s did something better. You talk about a trip to the store to buy something and they come up with a shopping spree. You mention anything and it’s one upped.
Maybe it’s not that blatent but it is confusing no matter how big the battle gets. If you’re me, you wonder why it turns into a relationship war instead of a nice conversation. You aren’t threatened or bothered by their life, why do they need to upstage your’s? I’ve had this happen twice in the past 36 hrs. Two different conversations where I ended up shaking my head and wondering why my innocent comments about my own life made someone else feel the need to polish up their own life and shove it in my face. I’m happy in my dull little life, it suits me just fine. It’s not perfect and I never say it is, it’s my life and I’m fond of it. I’m lucky to have found someone who lets me be me and who enjoys the same boring things I do. I’d never compete with another’s life, they aren’t me so how can you compare?
It just baffles me to have a nice talk turn into a relationship war and I am guessing one of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.


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