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every day things

every day an old man rides his bicycle past my house. I don’t know who he is but I do have an idea which house he lives in. Every day a little before six pm he rides by. Usually with his ball cap and red jacket on. He rides an old Schwinn and it has an orange flag on the back. I automatically look for him when he’s running late, even though we’ve never met. He’s part of my every day world.
I think we take a lot of things around us for granted. I know I do. I don’t always see every thing clearly, I’m usually preoccupied or in a rush and every thing around me is a blur. But then one day, for me today, I realize that those things around me are my background music and when one part is missing it doesn’t sound as good. Like the people behind my house yelling at that darn dog at 8am or the garbage trucks on Monday morning, and the kids out back playing Marco polo when their mom’s home from work and can watch them in the pool.
Or a little old man riding his bicycle past my house every day at a few minutes to six who was running a little bit late today. I was relieved to see him go by, I missed him at a few minutes to six. He may not have a name or a face but he’s part of my world none the less.


One comment on “every day things

  1. I’m fascinated by all the activity that goes on around me every day, day in and out. The sort you just described: the old man on his bicycle, the children playing, the garbage truck. These things, more than my own thoughts and desires, make me happy.

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