let’s go to the video tape

I spent a portion of yesterday going through video tapes. Most were events in my children’s lives. I sat facinated by who they were then and who they are now.
Who they are now was a room and a corner away laughing and playing some video game together. It was a little strange to hear the grown up versions while at the same time the younger versions were on the tv in front of me.

In our rummaging and sorting we found video tapes and set them aside. If they’d been labeled we could’ve decided earlier but then I’d have missed out on such treats as a three hour long tape of a pinewood derby, compete with me saying “Chad settle down” every 5 minutes.  Looking at them now I see that he was just fine, it was me that needed to settle down and let him be a kid.

We have tapes of the zoo, tapes of t-ball, softball, and then baseball. Tapes of birthdays at Chucky Cheeses and holidays with various Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Tapes of them losing wrestling matches, meets, and tourneys and more recent tapes of their wins. There are powder puff games where they put on cheerleader outfits and gamely cheered for the girls wearing football unis. Pre-prom night jitters, graduation day pride. Kindergarten graduation on the same tape as HS graduation. One of the few times I thought out the taping.

Someday they’ll inherit this box of old tapes, I only hope they have something to play them on. Maybe this summer I’ll pick up a couple old VCRs at garage sales and put them aside just in case. I know I’ll be looking for a slide projector because my folks have given me my childhood and it’s all in slide form.
I remember cringing when my parents would take roll after roll of photos on those deelightful disfunctional trips through the States. My kids cringed when I pulled out that bulky video camera and taped every birthday and Christmas and Pinewood Derby Day.

When you’re living the moment you don’t want to look back or think about looking back but someday those memories are nice to have. Whether it’s photos, video tapes, or the god-awful slide shows. We can’t remember every thing so a visual noogie is good to have. The tapes are put back now, no one but me was interested and I got bored pretty quickly. There’s too much going on now with my granddaughter and I don’t want to miss a second of it if I can help it. She, and her parents, will be moving on soon and until them you’ll find me hovering in the background taking pictures to go in a box and be dragged out again someday to look at and remember back when.


3 comments on “let’s go to the video tape

  1. Recently I was going through old slides (50’s, 60’s) of my parents and I’m so glad they took the pictures they did. I wish they would have taken even more. I figured out a way to copy them with my digital camera and we got an old slide projector too.

  2. I’m disappointed that we don’t have a video camera. I’m actually considering buying one but I’m not particularly in a hurry to do so as it seems that everyone else in my family and most of my friends have one. Hence, I’m covered, so to speak. 🙂

  3. Its good to know a time will come when we can actually appreciate the endless sea of videotape we have. We used to just keep the video camera near by, so we could catch the spontaneous moments happening within the house. Now the videos tend to be more about the boys lives outside the home. Even now, if we look back at a photograph or video from 2 years ago, I’m often amazed by the changes in the boys and my perspective.

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