it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long but I’ve been told it has been. I’ll be returning to my keybord soon with new thoughts and new stories. Life has a way of shaking things up and you can consider me well shaken. Some things I’ll share, some I won’t but all things considered, life is good because I’m alive and I’m blessed with the people I love and those who love me.

all I’m missing is a dog and I think that’s where

I’ll be picking up my tail, or tale depending on the way the story goes.


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  1. no I didn’t, I was forbidden and if I go into any more detail I think you’d be worried about the state of my mental health.

    let’s say that when you reach a point of 45 years of age and the world ignores you or doesn’t find you important then it’s time to sit down with yourself. I need to sit down with myself. It’s not about risks, I took a big one this year and fell on my face in the mud.
    I didn’t get my dog, instead I got a reality check and I like you too much to name that “Rene”

  2. OK, so did you get your dog or what? If so, details please. Did you name it René?


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