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with age comes great responsibility – pt 1

this afternoon I’m going to help find the right pumpkin for my granddaughter. there’s a responsibility that goes with pumpkin picking or so I’ve been told. 

I love that they keep all the grandparents involved. She’ll go to her first Halloween party with her Grandpa on Saturday. They found a way for everyone to be involved in Baby’s Firsts.  She’s a much loved little girl and she’s changed a whole lot of people in her lifetime. This baby has drawn my son and his Father together. They finally found a bond, something they share besides way too much energy and a tendency to be a sore winner.  They talk about being a Dad. He’s seen more of his Father in her short life than he had in the last five years of his own.  My personal thoughts I keep to myself. They’re my issue not his. I know how much his on and off time with his Dad hurt him over the years. I’m the one he took it out on. I hate seeing my kiddos hurting so I try not to hurt them myself. Bygones are bygones. We’re Co-Grandparents now. WE have common ground. I’m very happy to see him and his Dad growing closer. A boy needs his Dad, if his Dad’s a good one, even when the boy is 24 years old.

I was so happy when they invited me to share in getting “Baby’s First Pumpkin” There will be photos but they’ll be with part two.  I prefer my stories to go in order.

I love this Grandma thing. I do understand that at some point they’ll be doing the settling down in their own home thing and then these events will be kept more with them. It’s their family.  They should enjoy it by themselves.

I don’t think I’ll ever be outside peering in though. They keep us all involved. They both think family is important. Her Dad takes lots of pics which he shares with me and I pass em on to the ex-in-laws and my own family. I can handle making nice with my ex and his wife. We divorced over twenty years ago. I think I’m over it 😉 I was always fond of my ex-in-laws and we called a truce on the day I won custody of Burg. We put our weapons down and they were always welcome in my home and me in their’s. We celebrated birthdays and holidays together. We even exchanged gifts. They great people and even now we keep in touch by e-mail and phone. They’ve flown in once to meet their Great Granddaughter and welcome her into the family. They’ll be back in a month as Chad’s Uncle and his wife have their first.   

I’m getting to know the other Grandparents. I’m starting to become fond of them. Who can’t like a person who makes amazing things out of Duct Tape? We’re all becoming a family, our core is this little girl. 

Even grumpy old Unky Trev warms up around his niece.  The other day he went up to his room and dug out a stuffed duck and brought it down for her to look at. She’s fascinated with the couch and he didn’t want his God daughter warped by my lack of taste in couches….. I’m not buying it. Grumpy Unky Trev (his new nickname, he’s gruff but loveable Uncle Trev. ) voted to go with on the great pumpkin hunt today. He says there’s a great responsiblity in picking baby’s first pumpkin because we’re probably going to make him look at pictures of the damn thing until Baby’s First Thanksgiving so he might as well pick the damn thing himself and not let us women pick the wrong one…. then he took a breath and left the room.

I love that boy, did I ever mention that? 

The sun’s out, the rain dried up, it’s chilly but it is October in NY so it’s to be expected.  I get to go pumpkin hunting this afternoon… my camera’s already in my bag.

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