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remember me?

I’ve found that I can’t write when my sense of humor’s not on full speed. Life took a few u-turns and I’ve been having myself one hell of a funk. I’m getting my sense of humor back and ta-da! my urge to write is back. I’m a bit rusty but I’m back. Got lots of speed bumps in my life right now. Big changes all around, the biggest and best is my Granddaughter Adrianna. She is the most amazing baby. Every time I see her I feel a whole new kind of love. It’s so different from romantic love or the way you love your children. It’s not best friend love or love for my fellow man. It’s Grandparent love. A mix of awe, amazement, and this new breed of love. We, Unky Trevor and I, were at the hospital but not in the room. A decision I had no problem with and Unky Trev was overjoyed with. We had lots of false starts. Two days before the real go-time we raced up just in time to go back home. But Katie’s family and a few road trips are more than forgivable, not being there to meet my brand new Granddaughter would have been unforgiveable. We got the call and off we went. Unky Trev with his lap top, me with a roll of quarters, some books, and my cell phone. We sat in the worlds dullest waiting room and he played on his computer while I watched the Giants game and texted scores in to Chad. His daughter was delivered and handed to a Daddy in a Giants jersey. She now has the matching Eli jersey. It was a long night but at 5:56am she was born. I got to stand with the other first time Grandparents and meet my Granddaughter as we took turns calling the Great Grandparents. 4 full sets of Grandparents and great grandparents. This baby is well loved.

And that’s when I learned what this new wonderful kind of love feels like. The fact that I can feel it is God’s way of saying thanks for the brownie points I’ve been storing up.

Compared to her, nothing else looms to big. We’re moving, when is decided, where’s up in the air. Packing up over 15 yrs of my life is rough. The memories are bittersweet and it’s killing me emotionally.  For once both boys get it and they’re keeping me going.  And my Granddaughter is more than enough reason to smile. 


Today I’m charging my batteries. Singing along to Neil Diamond and boxing memories. Seeing the humor in little things I tucked away as the boys were growing. Acorn bracelets, the whoopie cushion I took away from Trev when he was around 10…stupid thing, he thought it was the funniest prop ever and it lasted about a day before I took it in the name of my sanity. I saved some real crap but it’s kind of fun looking through it as I toss it. Except the whoopie cushion. I’m putting that under Trev’s pillow when he’s not looking. I owe him one!


and that’s life in my “nut” shell. It could suck worse and at least I’m starting to see the humor 🙂

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