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don’t forget to tip your waiter

I’m not a patient woman and I can’t stand it when people run late. Of course I’ll forgive my granddaughter for keeping us all waiting as soon as she’s here. I told her parents that if this is bugging them…. wait until she’s thirteen.

We’re all eager to meet her. Especially her mom.  She’s bearing up well but it’s getting to her.  We went to a baseball game last Friday. The Yankees farm team was in town and Melky was playing. Just not playing too well. He was kind of dull, like he was just waiting out those last couple days before going back up.

It was a good game, the home team won, we ate ice cream out of little helmets and sang along to ‘take me out out the ball game’.  There was a brand new baby behind us and another pregnant woman next to her. She was due yesterday too, I wonder if she had her’s. 

It was funny, there was a pack of 25-ish men in front of us. They were there before us and after we’d all settled in one looked back and then they all looked back. They didn’t look at our seats again the whole game.

When they went to get their beer they looked to the other side. Nothing scares a single man of that age as much as close proximity to pregnant women. It reminds them their time’s coming soon.


It was a perfect evening out except for one thing. I found out they’re changing our HS team name from the Blue Devils to the Blue Bull Dogs.  How scary is that?

Apparently a school team name can somehow corrupt young minds and we wouldn’t want Susie or Jimmy going Satanist on us because their HS pennant had a tiny cartoon blue devil on it. The people who whined until this happened frustrate me. They’ll give their kids full cable including the naughty stations and let them listen to rap about killing them bitches and offin a cop. They’ll let them blow heads off for hours at a time on video games or computer and let Susie chat with anyone she wants on-line. But put a Blue Devil on a t-shirt and we’re all going to hell in a hand basket. It boggles the mind and makes me a little sad too. With the amount of trash and crap they let their kids near they have a problem with a team name.  Amazing, in a bad way.

And this is the world my granddaughter will enter. If she ever decides to join us. She’s a stubborn little thing. I bet she gives her parent a run for their money 😀  someday, hopefully someday soon.

Tomorrow’s good!


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