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the baby alert color is raised to pink

It’s almost baby time! I’ve been saying all along that it will be the 21st. Only because they had tickets to see the Yankees on that day and decided against it. It was a tougher decision than you think. They’re both die hard Yankees fans, that is not the reason I like her so much but it helps! 

My son is edgy and restless. She’s moody. To quote the soon to be God Father “she’s a cup full of crazy”. 

Can you blame her? She’s going to be a Mommy soon, that’s pretty overwhelming beforehand. Now add in those hormones. There’s a mix that can blow up with little provocation.

Once it happens and the baby’s here you’re too busy to think about it but when you’re in the homestretch and it’s for sure gonna happen any time…you think too much and because it’s your body slow cooking the little one you have a bit more to think about. Sorry Dads but it is true because women not only think about the realities, good and bad, we also are physically changing and it’s our body preparing for birth, it’s like a double whammy to your whammy. I’d change it if I could and let you guys enjoy some mood swings and bloating, I’d even throw in baby kicks to the kidneys. You can have half the labor pains too. I’m all about equal opportunity. Unfortunately I don’t have that power and until I do I guess you just don’t get to win this one. It is rougher on us than you.  I went through it with Chad, it’s Katie’s turn for their child. It’ll be worth it, you just don’t realize it until after they’re born.  

Because he’s Chad he’s now concerned that this baby will cut into his fantasy football drafts. He’s taken to fantasy sports with a vengence. The whole time Katie’s been on bed rest he’s spent his leftover awake time sitting there with her. He became a fantasy baseball terror and now he’s taking it to football. He’s kicking my butt in one league but at least I’m beating Katie. Not that Katie’s running her team, Chad’s taken it over because he didn’t like her never change anything attitude. He’s that bored.  He has a draft this weekend and one the next. He’s gonna miss one. I might miss one too. A grand daughter is more important than my fantasy football team* and I think we’ve got Chad convinced of it too.

Chad’s always been one of his own biggest fans so watching him change as he heads into dadhood has been interesting. He’s turned into a pretty terrific man. I’d say that even if I weren’t his mom.  All the attention has swirled around Katie this summer. For very good reason too. Now it’s ready to shift over to his daughter. Again, for good reason. In the beginning I could see Chad feel left out but he handled it good and got over himself quickly.  When she went on bed rest he’s spent as much of it as he can with her.  He’s kind of stepped into the background and done it with no problem. The other day his brother did something pretty great for him and I think it says a lot.

 His brother bought him Madden 2009. For no reason, just bought it for him. Told me “he needed it”.  And Chad did need it. Some attention, something that made him feel important, not that he isn’t of course but just because he’s been so awesome and so selfless. I like these special moments when I can look at them together and be this proud.  Proud of Chad for the man he’s become and proud of Trevor for the man he’s becoming.  I know why he was chosen as Godfather.


I have a small backpack ready to go to the hospital. I threw in camera, batteries, phone numbers, quarters for the machines, a book, a backup book in case book number one doesn’t hook me, cards, and a cell phone. I broke down and got a cell phone. I was a bit worried about leaving to run errands and missing the call. I’ve even texted once but it really didn’t do anything for me. The boy sent me a text that said “ring ring” and laughed at me as I attempted to figure out how to reply. I don’t see myself using this feature all too much. Call me old fashioned but I like to talk to a voice.

I needed the phone for the baby call. I got a test call last week. “We’re on our way to the hospital” then a bit later a “we’re on our way back home” call and I haven’t slept good since. I’m not too worried, I’ll survive. They’re not getting sleep either.. that I worry about. And now we’re all just waiting. This little girl will be a first in so many way. First child, grandchild, great grandchild, great great grandchild, niece, grand niece, and Godchild all times two, except the great great grandchild. There’s only one great grandparent still with us. There will be a few of us up there with them, but not in the room with them. They’ve decided to do this just the two of them and I’m okay with that. My grand daughter will be an August baby. We’re just waiting for her to choose the right day. The Twenty First would be okay but I don’t mind being wrong once in a while.


 * = my fantasy football team is now named ‘whac-a-mole’ because it sums up my life right now. Life’s the hammer, I’m the mole.


One comment on “the baby alert color is raised to pink

  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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