interactive Olympic post

it’s only fun when you play along.


In honor of the Olympics, I’m starting the ‘Official Olympic Product List’.

Feel free to add to it. I want to make a list of all the products I see touting “official :insert product here: of the 2008 Olympic Games”. 

I love the Olympics but I can say without doubt that I do not buy products only because they are an Official Olympic anything. God Bless America, land that I love but sometimes store brand is just as good and a lot cheaper. 

I think the commercializing of the Olympics is a mixed game.

I love the Proud American Athlete themes and think they’re equal to the Super Bowl ads.  I will be watching the Athletes entering the stadium and I bought two new boxes of Kleenex because those side stories they play always make me cry. Who doesn’t love a heart tugging athlete story? 

I love the games themselves. To see the best of the best competing. Awesome.   Even if I don’t understand their sport, or think it Olympic worthy… (chess may be next, that’s a dangerous sport) I still can admire someone reaching their goal. It’s so rare. Because my world revolved around wrestling I’ll use that as my example.  I know that the best wrestlers I’ve seen are not the best of the best. To be the best in the world at what you do, and hopefully love, has to be amazing. 

I love the countries that have two or three men and women walking alongside their flag. I root extra hard for the countries that only send one athlete. And yes, occasionally I tear up at that too. The older I get the more emotion I seem to be feeling, but that’s a whole nother post.  Maybe I look forward to the Olympics so much because they’re are not an every year thing. We have World Series, Super Bowls, Champions, Stanley Cup, etc. and we carry it down to colleges and HSs too. You can’t miss something you get back six months later. 

This morning I was reading and noticed a Listerine ad that stated that Listerine was the Official Oral Care Product of the 2008 Olympics. And I’m making Listerine #1 on my list of Official Olympic products.  I’ll add em as I see or hear them, please add any you know of. But no googling it. That’s would be cheating and cheating is wrong 😀

I think the licensing of the Olympic name has gotten a bit out of control. Do we really need an Official Olympic everything?  Instead of ranting about it I’m going to count them. The boys won’t watch tv with me if I rant too much and Olympic watching is more fun with others in the room.

Almost as much fun as listening to my Lions beat Burg’s NY Giants 13 – 10. Preseason football only matters when your favorite team wins.. and for once mine did! I’m not sure they’ll do it twice so I’m enjoying this one a little bit extra. Should make him stop ragging on him beating me in two fantasy baseball leagues. And that’s only because he has nothing better to do after work so he works on his baseball and football teams. Katie’s on bedrest going on 4 weeks now. She’s probably looking at 3 more weeks too.  They’re both getting stir crazy. Once the baby’s here and bedrest is over I’m pretty sure I can regain my footing. I jokingly told him about fantasy Olympic leagues and his eyes started glowing. I’ve created a monster!

For now we have the Olympics to watch and enjoy. And commercials to see and ads to read. Which is what led me to my list. How many ‘Official’ products will we see and are they all really that ‘official’ to Olympic sports??  


Official 2008 Olympic Products


Official Oral Care Product : Listerine

Official Juice Beverage Sponsor : Minute Maid

 Frozen Dumplings Exclusive Supplier :  Zhengzhou Synear Food Co., Ltd 

Omega : Official Timekeeper




remember, this is interactive. please play along.


2 comments on “interactive Olympic post

  1. and
    Beijing Yanjing Brewery and Busch-Anheuser Budweiser Beer are the domestic/international beer sponsors.
    They help you think that the women weight lifters are looking pretty hot too.

  2. Texaco as the official petroleum provider (used to oil the female beach volleyball players)
    Kodak as the official camera (to take pictures of the female beach volleyball players)
    Ralph Lauren as the official provider of Estate driving caps (to look cool so the female beach volleyball players will notice you)
    MySpace Olympic Jobs Locator (the official place to get a high-paying job to get the female beach volleyball players to notice you)

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