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my graduation graduation

tomorrow’s my last graduation party. I started them at the begining of the month and it’s gone downhill from there. Every cousin I see only around Christmas and every friend-ish person I’ve had the past ten years sends out an invite when their child graduates. People who can’t pick up the phone to say hi seem to remember your address come June.  I got invited to two parties by e-mail. I’m not too sure I like that. It makes me wonder if I should bother since they couldn’t bother to buy a stamp. 

After the first couple of graduation parties I start judging by the spread they put out. The last one I attended served the best yet. There were hot dips  and cold dips, little pizzas, three spicy multilayered dips, all kinds of deep fried goodies.. 

I go by the unspoken rule for graduation parties and wedding receptions: eat what you want, it doesn’t count. It’s an automatic ‘get out of your diet free’ card. Non transferrable, not allowed in some states 😀

After the snacks were eaten, the tables were cleared and a caterer brought in a full meal. Then there was cake, cookies, and these little cream puffs. I was fat and happy. It was the perfect party except for one thing .. Katie’s Dad has a popcorn cart and apparently he thinks it’s fun to use it. I was downwind.

It was a nice enough party as parties go. A whole bunch of people who don’t know each other all congregating by the food and making idle chatter about nothing. A gaggle of grandparents under a tent, small children whining, herds of teen girls giggling and squealing. A line of teen boys looking bored and then looking around to make sure people saw them looking bored.  Add in some balloons and matching plastic tablecloths and anyone driving by would automatically know it’s a Grad. party. One couple stopped in on their way to the next. They had four in one afternoon. I learned this in front of the stuffed mushrooms, where we met.

Tomorrow’s graduation party is for the only child I know who ran into a basketball pole           twice                in one day. 

Start the bangos folks this will be the kind of party that you see on an episode of COPS.  I’ll bow out before dark.  I’m not that welcome once the drinking starts and the stupid become stupider. They don’t like me sober, drunk makes them not like me and try to speak.  I like to use big words and watch the sparks but I”m a little afraid of some of them so I never hang out when they’re all drinking. I’ll leave with the wave of people who have kids to put to bed.  

I’ll be there for the food and as always it will range from venison jerky (delicious) to potato skins full of rice (mind boggling huh) and more JELLO than you can think about. I think my Mother handed out her JELLO recipes behind my back.  I’ve known the mother of the graduate for 44 years. Our Father’s shared an office at work and they both worked there their entire careers.  We only became friends in our twenties. I’m not sure you can call us friends though. When I moved here I went from a marriage to a solo parent in less than four hours. She was a good friend then but as I regained my balance and found my footing she cooled off. She seemed to like me better when I was pi-tia-ble.  We speak maybe once a year now, usually not on purpose. But her son invited me to his party and I’m looking forward to seeing their kin.  I may not like the parent but I adore the extended family.

I do need updates on the story lines. I can never keep up. I want to hear about who’s engaged or married, who’s had a child, a promotion, a divorce, who moved where, etc.  Pretty mundane stuff mostly. There’s actually a family going that includes a son, his father, and the son’s exgirlfriend who cheated on him with his dad and is now his stepmom. Top that! I’m not a snob but funny is funny. 

I only have a few more graduations coming up. Most of my son’s friends and my friend’s sons have graduated. I know of two in the next two years, one girl, one boy. That’s pretty much it. All those little kids I knew are adults now.  A few have children, two more will this August. My son and the boy from the cult. It makes me a little sad but more and more I’m becoming okay with it all. Life happens all I have to do is live it. And celebrate it in pieces with good food, bad food, and really big words.





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