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Mom vs Son MLB version, a Father’s Day tribute

My Tink’s Revenge is playing my son’s estos nueces this week in our fantasy league. It’s going to be a long week. Especially since I’m in 3rd place and he’s in 4th.  I checked my e-mail while he was fiddling with his line up this morning and got accused of tampering. Like I need to cheat to beat him. We bond over baseball. Other parents bond over music, or painting, or Star Trek, my son and I have our baseball. 

He and I are going to a Yankees game this summer. We’re doing a tour package. Just him and me since Katie and baby aren’t supposed to be over-doing it. She’s been to Yankee Stadium once, we’ve never been so it’s okay. An end of an era for the stadium and for us. Next year this time, he’ll be a parent too.

We’ll share a love of baseball. He can quote stats and players names and positions. I’m lucky if I can remember who’s on my fantasy teams. He joined both my leagues this year. The pay league and the free league. We’re head to head in our free league this week. The other, more serious league, it’s season totals that count. He’s taken to it with a florish. He loves to compete. I know who he got that from.

He’s going to be a Dad by summer’s end. This kid of mine who couldn’t enter a room quietly or sit still for five minutes. He had more energy than anyone I know. He still does, he’s just learned to keep it under control. He skateboards once a week. It keeps him and the rest of us sane. No outlet for his energy makes him go something, something.

He’s going to be a Father, it doesn’t seem right but it feels right.

He still has glimmers of my little kid. The one with the Paddington the Bear jams, hightops, and a mullet ..for which I am eternally sorry.  The odd child who spent more time on his hair than I spent on mine.  Chad never met a mirror he didn’t like. We used to joke that he was his own biggest fan. Now he’s not thinking of himself. Selfish Chad is gone. He’s stepped up to the plate and he’s making wise decisions. He’s thinking ahead and scared poopless all at the same time.

So in between “I’m going to knock you into forth place” and “I have to beat my Mom or the boy’ll take my mancard again” I heard “whenever I talk to the belly 🙂 I get kicked” and about how scared he is of being in the delivery room. I told him Katie will be scared too so they can get each other through it. It’s worth it in the end. The memory of the labor pains fades fast, mine faded about a year ago.

I was kidding of course.  I told him it’s okay to be scared and reminded him he’d never want her to go through it without him. He agreed. He’s grown up a lot. We talked a bit about parenting and how he might’ve made it a bit difficult on me at times. I told him that was then, this is now. WE’ve talked about the most important parent lessons. That it’s okay to say “no” and it’s good to say it often. Teach them NO! early and they listen to it when they’re older.

I told him it was that it’s okay to tell your child that you screwed up/mis-spoke/over reacted/made a mistake/etc. It’s okay to let them know you made  a mistake and you’re sorry. They need to know we all make mistakes and when we make one we need to apologize to the people we might’ve hurt and try to never repeat it again. Everyone messes up, parents too. It’s what we do after that matters the most.  

I was going to write about Father’s Day yesterday but I decided it wouldn’t be good for me so I played poker instead. I was going to focus on the Father who raised me. I changed my mind,  I’m going to focus the one about to start his journey. Being a parent was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, no doubts about it. I loved it. And I can tell already, that he’s going to love it too.  Which is good because it will give him something to think about after his Mom kicks his butt in Fantasty baseball.. twice.



A belated Happy Father’s Day to all my Dad readers.  Especially Terry who is the type of Father I hope my son turns out to be.

If any of you parents are up for the challenge, how about sharing an important parenting lesson you learned.  I’ll pass them along to the soon-to-be-parents.


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