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how much is that doggy…

why get a frickin pet if you aren’t going to bond with it? I’m on a tear today over irresponsible and downright stupid pet owners. Let the ranting begin!

I have two glaring examples but I’m going to skip names so I can pretend I’m not talking about people behind their backs. If one of them should read this and wonder then “yes! I mean you.”
I have a couple of good friends. I spend way too much time with two of their kids. There are very few faces I want to see at 6am Monday – Friday but their parents are my friends and friends help each other out.. so I see these two a lot. And because the younger one is a town crier I know lots of things about the family. This family has had pets out the wazoo. I’ll estimate 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 goats, a flock of little birds, and enough fish to stock a small lake. They get a pet and are all excited about it for about a month. Then they ignore it until it either dies or acts up or poops in non-pooping areas. At that point they give it away. It really grinds my gears when people do that. Give away animals like they’re smiley face stickers at the Walmart.
Every pet has a personality, every pet depends on us to be there for them and they’re there for us in return. If we can’t or won’t do that then we shouldn’t have pets.

My animals are part of my family. They have quirks like the rest of us and like I do with the humans, I accept them quirks and all. When we vote in a pet it becomes our’s. I’m down to my last three. To-Be and Yoda and Mrs Puppy. The cats have been with us for about 6 years, the dog a lot longer. When they got their own Christmas stockings it was a guarantee that they are family.
I could no more have given one of them away as I could’ve a son. Although there were times I wondered if I could give them all away 🙂

but they’re family and I love them. Even my dumb old dog. She may be dumber than a box of rocks but she’s mine and I love her.
Not only do these friends of mine give away pets after a short stay, what adds injury to insult is that they’re teaching their kids this behavior. They’re teaching them that pets are as disposible as a chair you dislike or a shirt that gets stained. Just get rid of it and get another. Some people should get their pet privileges revoked.

Sadly, they aren’t the only example of poor pet parenting, in my world. Can you imagine living in a cage for 22 of 24 hours a day? We do that to our prisioners when their crimes warrant the harshest of punishments. I know someone who does it to a dog. This poor thing sees life through a cage. It is an older dog but that’s no justification. Dogs should be allowed to walk around and sniff stuff. They shouldn’t be caged up, they’ve done nothing wrong. Why get a dog if you are only going to cage it and never be with it? They make stuffed dogs that do the same thing, sit and look cute. You can even get ones that bark a little. It breaks my heart every time I see that little dog’s tail wag or it’s big brown eyes on me. I know I’m a big old crybaby girl but I think even the manliest of manly men would agree that it’s horrible to treat animals like they don’t matter. Some people don’t deserve to have any pets at all.


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