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I just got back from a nice trip. I won’t call it vacation because everyday life went on around me and there were no rides. I just plopped myself down in the middle of other people’s lives.  I got to spend ten days with a houseful of people I care a lot about. One of my top three people on this planet lives there and shared his couch, books, and closet space with me. I called it going to ‘The Land of the Giants’. Ten days is much shorter than you’d think. It was a wonderful time and I miss it already.

I’m back home now and I have to catch up a little.  My older son missed me, my younger son probably did but he’ll never let on that he did. He’s mad at me right now, I’m pretty sure I bear some blame.

We were enjoying a comfortable silence until last night.  We’d just eaten dinner when I asked him if he wanted to play poker for dishes. He declined so I told him “fine then you do the dishes” … he was not amused by me pointing out that if he’d agreed to play at least he’d have had a 50% chance of not doing them. By declining he bumped it to 100% chance of doing them. 

I love poker. It’s official. My love affair with the game is solidified. I got to play for chores and for cash on my trip.  I loved them both, I even loved watching it on tv. It’s more fun to watch it on tv with someone to talk to about it.  

The cash tourneys were more exciting but those few ‘no dishes’ nights were priceless. Sometimes it’s not about winning every time, it’s more about savoring those few times I did. I’m still savoring it. 

My first “real” poker experience I took third, how cool is that. There were only ten players in the sit-n-go but that’s seven I beat out.  Not bad considering my hands shook the whole time, I was so nervous. I knew I’d make mistakes. I just wanted to keep them at few and far between.  The last time I played at the poker place there was one hell of a storm brewing outside. There’d already been a few storms and tornado watches. We don’t get a lot of tornadoes or tornado warnings around here, I went into weather junkie mode. 

The first time the sirens went off I was kind of giddy. Like a kid after an ice storm that got us a few days off of school.  I was checking the weather online every sixty seconds and looking out the doors and windows.  By the time we were playing poker on Sunday I’d gone from excited newbie to old hand.  Until the sky went black. We even lost power for a few minutes. It came back on and we resumed playing. I got third again but I got to have my shoulders rubbed a couple times while I was playing and that made it worth it 🙂 

After getting back to the house the power went out there. Not a good thing. There were disgruntled people all around the area. We were originally told that power would be restored by 4pm Tuesday. Ut oh! 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going …. outside with a football and a soccer ball. I had a great trip (I think I might’ve said that already huh?) this time, outside with all five of us tossing the football and kicking the soccer ball, it is one of my favorite memories. It was fun. We cracked wise, made comments about us older ones breaking a hip or the lazier among us pulling muscles. We teased, taunted, laughed, and chatted. For me it was as comfortable as home.  It got dark quickly and we headed in for some poker under the warm glow of a flashlight hung from a hook in the ceiling. We didn’t play for chores or money, we played for insults and bragging rights.  The power returned late the next day and tvs went on and computers were booted and the washing machine and dryer were turned back on.  It was still warm and friendly, although a little sad as I was leaving the next morning. That time without power ranks up there with my fondest mental postcards.

To quote a couple of someones I like a whole lot “it was awesome!”  


I’d gotten a couple messages asking me why I haven’t been blogging. That’s why. I was off on adventure, enjoying myself. Life was too much fun to even think of blogging and that’s really not a bad thing. I got to spend ten days with my best friend… I’m a very lucky woman.


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  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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