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heads or tails

heads = McCain   tails = Obama

I hope it doesn’t come down to that but it just might. I’ve been following the political stuff even though it angers me up quite a bit. I suggest we put into the Oath of Office “I hereby swear to use to follow the ‘less words and more action’ policy.”

All of the sudden my elected state officials are getting friendly and notifying me of their progress in an attempt to buy my vote. It backfires, the one who wastes the most money sending me crap in my mail is the least likely to get my vote.

My real problem lies in the highest office. I just have no preference. Please don’t reply to tell me all about Ron Paul. My neighbor beat you to it and she even offered me a sign for my yard.  I told her that seeing her’s every day is enough for me. 

I’d lean to either side if one of them could show me a sense of humor. I think a position of power like that requires a healthy sense of humor. There are too many times where you have to laugh or you’ll get nutty. Kind of like parenting. There were times when the only thing I could do was crack bad jokes and laugh at life. The President should have the ability to laugh at fate. If you get too uptight and stressed it isn’t good for your innards.  I don’t care who the President’s wife is. I don’t care if he’s a dog person, a cat person, or a giraffe person.

I’d prefer he be a Trekkie and a reader.  I hope he did screw up as a kid. If he didn’t, I’d be worried. I don’t care who his folks are, unless his name cannot be seperated from them on the big stuff. WE don’t need a puppet. Puppets are scary.

His choice of music doesn’t matter, what college he attended doesn’t matter, I would like him to believe in God though. But not in a holier than thou way. I’ll admit that having served in any of our forces would be good in my view, it isn’t necessary to get my vote. You’d be less likely to send our soldiers into battle if you know how horrible war really is.  I don’t care about the President’s personal views, as long as he can seperate Presidential decisions from them. If he can’t do that then I don’t want him. When someone is elected to speak for all of us then they have to put their personal opinions aside. As far as I’m considered when they run for office they make that choice.

I’m smart enough to know that no one speaks for the candidate but the candidate. Not his pastor, not his neighbor, not his kin.  I know it’s all one big production number with tour buses and staff numbering the hundreds.  The amount of money spent is disgusting. What a waste.

Imagine the schools we could repair and build. We could make sure every child is given supplies, not just a few. Every child. We could bring back school nurses and art class. We could put that money into our future. And we could give some to our present by making health care easier to get. We could supply our elderly with medical programs and housing to make sure they end their days with some amount of dignity. We could take care of our Veterans and honor them properly.  No matter how we feel about war, those who serve this country should be treated with respect.


I think it’s great that Obama has 266 million raised and McCain has 93 million raised but imagine what we could do with 359 million.

That’s why I don’t know who I’ll vote for. They seem too alike for me. Neither one is showing me that he takes us regular folk seriously. I will keep reading and watching and hoping one will stand out to me. We’re supposed to make educated votes, my Father taught us that. I watch/read politcal news daily. I break it up with regular doses of the Daily Show. Colbert gets on my nerves so I bail after The Word. I think that I’m getting my politics in a well rounded way. I just wish I had some idea who I want to vote for.  If neither starts shining,  I’ll bring a quarter and call head = McCain  tails = Obama …I just won’t tell my Father.








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  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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