free to a good home

y’know…. pretty soon I’m putting up a ‘free to a good home’ sign and giving my two away. Can I give away a twenty four year old? 
We have a few family jokes. Most every family has them. Things none of us will ever live down and the kinfolk enjoy bringing up?  Mine happened last night.  I made a ham. Pretty exciting huh?
The thing is, every time I make a ham one of my two smart asses asks me “did you take the paper off” and we all (them) have a good laugh at Mom’s expense. The hilarity ensues.
I do something one time and they never let me live it down but if I mention one of their past “oops” they get all pissy in an embarassed but pleased kind of way.
A few years back (we think fifteen) I bought a huge ham and made an entire meal around it. I scalloped potatoes, butter sauced the beans, and I  made a homemade cherry bourbon glaze and slow cooked the ham while basting it every twenty minutes. It was beautiful. The glaze was thick and evenly applied, it was tv worthy. 
And then I pulled out the electric knife and dug in. It was like taking a chainsaw to concrete. I got a carving knife and sharpened it. Cut into it and gave it a yank and all that glaze I lovingly applied came off in one fell swoop. I never took the paper off.  Poor nekkid ham 😦  My kids thought it was the funniest thing ever, Mom screwed up. Kids love to see us screw up, makes them feel better about their own mess ups.
I talk a lot about my sons. That’s because being a Mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. I loved it. They say you shouldn’t make your kids your world but I disagree. I think there’s a balance but that your kids should be the center of your life. You just need to find the balance that works.  Being a solo parent I did double duty at times but it also is why we’re so close. We’re in between Mother’s Day and Father’s day and I think it’s where I belong. 
And that’s also why my family has these little jokes and pokes. It was my turn to be the pinata yesterday. 
The Boy was the one to say it. Strange because he hates ham and it’s usually his brother who brings up the year of the nekkid ham.  I laughed and told him his brother’d be proud. It made me feel all warm and Mommishy, he doesn’t need to know that though. He’ll call me emotional and offer me a midol. He’s a funny kid.
Then a few minutes ago the big one is foraging for food and says “hey Mom is it safe to eat this ham or do I have to worry about paper cuts?”
He’s funny too and I’m still laughing.
I love that we were close enough to have these little things that let the others know they’re loved. I think it’s important to notice the little things like this and to savor them. Whether it’s remembering Mom’s ham mistake or the time the Boy had his shirt on inside out in his school picture or Burg’s great hair color experiment that brought to mind Ronald MacDonald… we’ll always tease each other over things like that but it’s because we love each other. 

5 comments on “free to a good home

  1. there really was no point. I was only talking about little family jokes that somehow make it through the years with us.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Faubourg.

  3. funny Rene 🙂

    I understand that Terry. I’m living it too. It’s a tough thing to get through. If a person hasn’t reached that point yet they won’t understand. You’re proud, sad, happy, but you wish you could get a bit more time not because they might not be ready, but because you aren’t ready. I’m not ready either, I wonder if we’d ever be ready.

  4. Mine are leaving because they’ve grown up. I’ll miss them.

  5. i tease my family about their failures but that’s because i hate them.


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